By Beatrice Marot

The following are a few chapters from the book I'm currently writing. It's a autobiographical spiritual comedy detailing the amazing and true story of how, since reading for Robert De Niro in July of 1996, I've had dead moviestars and mobsters guiding people to me from the other side.


Since the age of sixteen, after seeing him on the big screen, I always knew that I was going to meet Robert De Niro when I was thirty-five. We met at the wedding of Robin Wright and Sean Penn where he asked me for my phone number. I was thirty-five.

I've known Robin Wright since she was eleven years old. Her brother Richard was my sister's first boyfriend. Robin and I became friends in Paris when she was modeling and I was putting together a portfolio for make-up artistry. For some reason, ever since I've known Robin, we've always talked to each other like we're black chicks from the south. One day, we were sitting in a cafe in Paris and I looked at her delicate, beautiful face and I said, "Ma fren . . . you gonna be famous."

Within a year she was "The Princess Bride."

In January of 1996, I did a reading for Robin. She and Sean had just gotten back together after a year of separation and I told her, "This time, you're going to marry Sean."

She said vehemently, "No way. I'm never going to marry Sean." Then Robin asked me, "Bea, what do you think my next movie is going to be?"

"Well, I see you playing some kind of a psycho chick."

She said, "No, I'm doing a comedy with Paul Reiser."

Then, she changed the subject again and said, "But, you know Bea, I really want to move up north to Berkeley this summer. Do you think I will be able to find a place and sell my house?"

"Well, I see you finding a place this summer but it's going to need alot of work and it won't be ready until next summer."

The following day Robin called me and said, "Well Bea, this time you're wrong about everything. I'm never going to marry Sean. I'm doing the comedy with Paul Reiser and I just got an offer on my house and I'm moving this summer."

I just said, "Alright, ma fren."

Three months later she called and said, "Sean and I are getting married in two weeks. We found a house in Berkeley but it needs a lot of work and it won't be ready until next summer and I'm not doing the comedy with Paul Reiser. I'm doing "She's So Lovely" with Sean and I'm playing a psycho chick."

I laughed and said, "Well, ma fren. Why don't you tell me sumpin I don't know!"

The wedding was like being at the Academy Awards. Every moviestar imaginable was there. I walked into a room and there was Robert De Niro seated on the couch. Standing next to him was a guy in a blue shark skin suit and dark sunglasses. Before I fainted, I had to go outside and get a breath of fresh air. I saw Susan Sarandon and I walked up to her and I said, "You are even more beautiful in person than you are on the big screen." She replied with the most gorgeous smile, "You are sooo sweet. Thank you." It was true though. She looked amazing. Total Goddess.

When I walked back in the room, Robert De Niro sprung off the couch when he saw me and asked, "Who are you?"

"My name is Beatrice. I'm a friend of Robin's."

"Are you an actress?"

"No, I'm an Astrologer." I said. Then he looked up at the sky and said, "Oh, you look at the stars and all that."

"Yea, I'm looking at one right now."

"Can I have your phone number?"

Three months later on July 17th, 1996, I met him at the Peninsula Hotel. I brought him a beautiful jeweled candle and a music cassette. He offered me a drink and I said, "Bob, you know what I do for a living and my guides asked me to bring you this." I handed him the music cassette and said, "It's the sound track of my favorite Italian movie "Cinema Paradiso.""

DeNiro looked at me, slightly puzzled and said, "That's funny. I just wrapped that movie today."

I asked him, "What do you mean?"

"It's being re-released in English and I'm the voice of Phillip Noiret."

Merlin never tells me why he wants me to do something. I just trust him implicitly. Finding out on my own is the fun part. This is what working with spirit guides is all about. You just do what they ask and enjoy the adventure. The next day I read for De Niro and I told him that his future success in the movies would be very different from the past. I told him he would have the most success with comedies and musicals.

After that, De Niro gave me permission to leave him hits on his voice mail. And boy did I. I taught him all about the Goddess energy "our sexual creative power" and the importance of honoring that power. I would sometimes call three or four times in a row because I only had about 30 seconds to leave a message.

So, Bob called me one day and left me the following message. "Um, hi, uh, Beatrice . . . it's Bob and uh, yea, um, I get your messages and it's fine you know and uh, . . .sometimes I can listen to them and sometimes I can't but . . . uh . . . could you try not to back up the machine?"

By that time it was quite apparent that John Belushi was around me alot and he was constantly giving me jokes that I would leave on Robert De Niro's voicemail. So I called Bob and said, "OK, Bob I'll mellow out on the calls. I'll just call you if I get a good joke from Belushi."

I hung up and I immediately picked up the phone and called again and said, "Well, I got one already." "These jokes are about your friends. I just heard John say, "You know that, Al Pacino . . . before he got plastic surgery, when he would go to the grocery store and the cashier would ask, "Paper or Plastic?" He'd say, "No, that's alright, just use the bags under my eyes." Yea and what about that Joe Pesci. . . now there's a guy you could stick in your purse. He's not a goodfella . . . he's a littlefella."

One day, a day I'll never forget, I left De Niro the following message, "Hi Bob.  I got the hit to tell you that you're going to be getting a script about a mobster who wants to transform himself somehow and it's a comedy and you should produce it as well because it's going to make alot of money."

That movie turned out to be "Analyze This."

I know John Belushi was one hundred percent behind the making of that film. Billy Crystal, Harold Ramis and Robert De Niro were all his friends and Bob was the last person to see Belushi alive.

"Analyze This" was realeased on March 5th of 1999.

On March 5th of 2000, I had a dream of "Analyze This, Part Two." I told Bob about it on his voicemail. Belushi even managed to get the idea to Harold Ramis's psychologist Eleanor. Eleanor happens to be a friend of mine's psychologist as well and she told Eleanor all about my dream. Eleanor suggested that I type it up and she gave it to Harold Ramis but they didn't use it and what a mistake that was. I called Bob and told him whatever he was doing was going to be a flop! And it was!

This is what I saw in my dream:

While incarcerated, Paul Viti receives a psychology degree. The movie opens with Viti doing group therapy with all the inmates. It's his last day and the inmates are sad to see him go because, "He's good. He's real good." When he gets out, since he is still "The Godfather" he forces Billy Crystal to go into practice with him. His clients, of course, are mobsters and as a sideline the Chaz Palmentieri character still wants to whack him until Viti eventually heals his inner psycho.


Among the other celebrated souls helping me from the beyond besides John Belushi are Lenny Bruce, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Tupac Shakur, and Alan J. Lerner, the lyricist of "My Fair Lady." Also the directors Sam Peckinpah and John Huston and film producer Marvin Worth!


In July of 1999, I heard Merlin say, "Beatrice, I want you to do a television show where you just drive around and I will tell you who to read for and you will read for them on the spot. Go out tonight and I'll show you what I mean."

So, I went to Ago, a trendy restaurant in Los Angeles. I was sitting outside and two guys walked up and I heard Merlin say, "Read for the guy in the beige pants." I went inside and sat next to them at the bar. The guy in the beige pants looks at me and says with a heavy New York accent, "Oh hello."     

"Hello. Are you from New York?" I asked.

"Well, I lived in Brooklyn for four years but I'm from Chicago. My name is Micheal and this is Joey."

Joey shook my hand and said, "Yea and I'm from Hoboken, New Jersey."

I asked Micheal, "Are you an actor?"

"Yea, I'm kinda like an acta."

"Do you have an agent?"

"Nah, I'm kinda like my own agent, people trow me a bone now and den."

"Listen Micheal, I'm a spiritual guide and I read for alot of people in this business and I was just getting some information for you. Is it alright if I share it with you?"

He practically fell off the barstool and yelled out, "WO!" And then he said, "Yea, alright."

"Well, first of all you need to get all those bones together and put them on one reel."

"Eh, dat's funny you said dat cuz, I was just tellin my friend de odda day dat I gotta get it all on one reel."

"Yes and then you've got to get yourself an agent and have the agent send it to the casting director of "The Sopranos" because I've got a feeling you are going to get a gig on that show."




"And by the way," I asked him, "Do you know what time you were born?"

"Eh, dats funny you said dat cuz I just axed my modda de odda day, " Eh Ma, what time was I born?" I never axed her dat in fordy years."

"Well, that's because I need your birth information in order to do your bith chart which I would like to offer you as a gift and I can do it over the phone."

Then Joey yells out, "Eh, tell me sometin about me! Tell me sometin about me!" I looked at him and I said, "Well, I'm getting that you tried the acting thing, but you're more of a behind the scenes kind of guy. You would make a good producer."

He gets up and starts posturing like a gangster with his shoulders jumping up and down and yelled out, "You know what? I was just tellin my friend de odda day, "Eh. I'm a behind da scenes kinda guy!"

"Well, there you go!"

Micheal never did listen to me regarding his reel and getting an agent but within a week he did meet the entire cast of "The Sopranos" including James Gandolfini.

As of June of 2003, he informed me that he is in contact with the casting director of "The Sopranos" and with all my heart, I hope he lands a role. I mean, look at the face on that mook!  He's classic.

And of course, one of the bones he had been thrown was a scene with Robert De Niro in the movie, "The Fan!"

In my life it seems as though, "All Roads Lead To Robert."

Beatrice with Micheal Amdolini



Michael Lerner, a Hollywood screenwriter phoned me in a state of panic one day. "Beatrice, everything is falling apart with my script. My producer is in the hospital and..."

"Whoa, Michael, wait a minute. Do you want me to read for you?" I asked him.


"Then please don't tell me anything. I prefer to read cold."

He said,"Alright"

"Cool, now let me take a look.Well, first of all, the sting of death is all around this project."

"Carl Wilson just died a couple of weeks ago."

"Oh, that's too bad. I'm sorry to hear it."

"And now my producer is in the hospital. Is he going to be O.K.?"

"I'm sorry Michael, but he's not going to make it."

His producer died two days later.

"What about Billy Gerber?"

"Who's Billy Gerber?"

"He's the head of Warner Bros."

"Well, I'm getting that he's going to get fired."


"Well . . . not for long."

"What's going to happen with the Brian Wilson story?"

"Let's see, I'm getting that the whole thing is going to fall apart and then eventually it will come back together. In the meantime Michael, you have to relax. I mean you are so wound up. Your mind is in a state of gridlock and you're giving me a headache. It's hard to see beyond your fear so please Michael, just sit back, meditate and try to relax. You have to trust the process and know that you did a great job. Just meditate on it."

Micheal said, "Thanks, Bea."

A few hours later, I arrived home from shopping and listened to my messages. An elated Michael resounded on the machine with the following music to my ears, my favorite words, "Beatrice, you are amazing! You are amazing! Call me back and I'll tell you why." I dialed his number. He answered the phone and I said, "Hi Michael, so why am I so amazing? I always like to hear about it."

"Well, I did what you said. I was in my agent's office and I was just relaxing, looking at the beautiful view and somebody slipped a note under the door, so I picked it up and it said, "Billy Gerber just got fired!"

"You're kidding?"

"No, I'm not Bea. What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything Michael. Don't even say that. It's talk like that that got women like me burned at the stake. I mean I didn't even know who the guy was, but I'll tell you what if Merlin had anything to do with it, then he'll get another job with twice the money and half the responsibility."

"Well, I've always been a skeptic Bea, but you've definitely got something."

"I think because you are such a skeptic, my guides just keep doing things that even you can't deny. I love it because, I mean, this is amazing, Michael. I tell you he's going to get fired in the morning and he gets fired the same afternoon. Thank-you so much for sharing this with me. It's a great confirmation."

Now this is just the kind of news I get a kick out of leaving on Robert De Niro's voicemail. It's a bit spooky but then again so is he. I left Bob the following message.

"Hi Bob. I just wanted to tell you that I did a reading for someone this morning and I told him that the head of Warner Bros. some guy named Billy Gerber was going to get fired and he got fired this afternoon. It'll be in the trades tomorrow Bob, but just remember,you heard it from me first."

Now anyone would think that this is it. End of story. But noooooo, this story gets even better. Please stand by.

In October of '98, I went to a restaurant to celebrate the birthday of a friend, Louise. I was sitting alone at the table when someone approached me and asked if I wouldn't mind giving up my seat and moving down one. I obliged with pleasure and then someone else asked me the same thing and I got up and moved and finally a third person asked me to scoot down and I ended up sitting next to two men. At the head of the table sat a rather imposing heavyset man with a very powerful aura about him. I introduced myself. "Hi, I'm Beatrice."

"Hi, I'm Billy." The other gentleman introduced himself as Steven. The two men were cousins. Billy is a comedy writer and Steven is a talent agent. Billy asked me, "How do you know Louise?"

"I'm her astrologer." I said.

"Oh, I don't believe in all that crap." He said rudely.

"You don't have to."

Steven echoed his cousin's sentiments, "Yea, I've always been a skeptic."

So, I decided to take it a little further with these two buffoons.

I said, Well, the strange thing about me is that I have dead celebrities around me that guide their loved ones to me."

They both looked at me like I was nuts. Billy said with a petulant tone of voice, "Yea right. How can you prove that? They're dead."

"Well, I can't prove it but I could tell you a couple of stories and see what you think."

They both said,"Alright."

"Well, the first celebrity to come to me was John Belushi. I felt him around me a couple of months after I did a reading for Robert De Niro in '96 and he gives me a lot of great jokes and I leave them on De Niro's voice mail."

"What kind of jokes does he give you?" Billy, the comedy writer wanted to know.

"Well, for example, one night I was watching a documentary about Moses with Charlton Heston narrating and he was talking about the parting of the Red Sea and how it was written about 1000 years after it supposedly happened and I heard Belushi say . . . "

Billy yelled out, "Yea right, Moses couldn't even part his hair."

I looked at him smiling and said, "That's exactly what John Belushi said."

"You're kidding.?"

"No I'm not and then the next morning as I was awakening I heard Belushi give me this joke, "So, Moses comes up to the Goddess Temple one day and he was telling us Priestesses that we could no longer teach about magic or necromancy or the art of divination and that there could only be miracles and miracles could only be performed by God. So I said to him, "Yea right Moses, now why don't you go up that mountain and find yourself a burning bush cuz you're not getting this one.!"

Then I shared the whole Brian Wilson story with them and when I finished, Steven looked at me and said, "That's really weird because I'm representing Carl Wilson's son right now, as we speak."

Then Billy followed with, "Yea and I have a meeting with Jim Belushi next week."

"Well, I don't know if that proves it to you, but it's another great story for me. I have dozens of great stories like that but I happened to pick those two and each of them has a personal connection for each of you. I'm not kidding man. Celebrities guide their loved ones to me so if you don't mind, you might want to ask Jim Belushi and Carl Wilson's son to call me."

Two months later, I was on the phone with a friend of mine, an aspiring actor named Todd Cox. I recounted to him the whole Brian Wilson saga when Todd suddenly interrupts me and says, "I know Billy Gerber."

"You do?"

"Yea, I caddie for him at the Bel Air Country Club."

"Well let me finish telling you, OK so, I said to him, "Michael, I didn't do anything but if Merlin had anything to do with it, then he'll get a better job with twice the money and half the responsibility."

"That's exactly what happened to him."

"What do you mean?"

"Yea, he told me that Warner Bros. rehired him as an independent producer and I remember the exact words he used. He said, "I'm making twice the money with half the responsibility and I don't have to wear a monkey suit and I don't have to ask twelve people to blow my nose."

"He said that to you?"


"Man, sometimes I can't even believe what happens to me. I mean what are the chances of you talking to Billy Gerber and hearing him say an exact quote of something I said in a reading."

Over a year later, I was taking a drive with a guy named Bernard who used to be the Maitre D' at the restaurant Spago. He was telling me a story about a film producer named Marvin Worth and how this guy Marvin always wore bright colored Gianni Versace shirts and always sat at the same table every time he came to Spago's. I couldn't imagine why he was telling me all this and thought nothing of it.

The following evening, I rented a movie with Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro and the credits read "Produced by Marvin Worth" and I thought to myself "Hey, isn't that the guy Bernard was talking about?"

I went to sleep after the movie and all of a sudden I'm awakened by a dream. I saw a little man waving a bright colored Gianni Versace shirt screaming, "I'm the producer on the Brian Wilson Story! I'm the producer on the Brian Wilson Story!"

It was six o'clock in the morning when I awoke and I called Michael but his phone was disconnected. Then I tried a mutual friend named Sue. She was not too pleased with the early wake up call but this just could not wait. I said to her, "Sue, I'm so sorry to wake you at this hour, but I have to ask you a crazy question. I just dreamt about a guy named Marvin Worth. I need to know was he Michael's producer on "The Brian Wilson Story?"

"Yea, but he died."

"I know, I read on it when he went in the hospital but Michael never told me his name."

Now, why would Marvin Worth whom I've never met in my life go to all that trouble to get into my dream? Was it just to make me look good? No. I don't need any help for that. Marvin Worth went to all that trouble just for a chance to tell his wife Joan how much he loves her and misses her, because according to Marvin . . . she is so Worth it. There was a man who loved his wife and still does. Hopefully she will read this one day and smile.


In December of ’99, I was lounging around with my boyfriend Carl, showing him photos of old friends and times gone by when I came across a picture of Gardner Cole. I said to Carl, “This is Gardner and he started out as a drummer like you baby. He played for that freak Ted Nugent and then he wrote some big hits for Madonna and Jody Watley but I haven’t heard from him in over four years.” I stared at the image and said “Gardner, where are you?”

The next day Gardner called me.

When I picked up the phone and heard, “Hey Bea, its Gardner,” I was truly surprised.

“Oh my God, Gardner, I can’t believe it. I swear I was literally looking at a photograph of you yesterday and I yelled at it, “Gardner, where are you?” and here you are calling me the next day. Thank-you for being so telepathic, you alien freak. So, what have you been up to?”

“Well, I’m working on getting my own record label and I wrote a movie called “Heaven Rocks” that I’m looking to produce.”

“I love the title.”

“Thanks. I’m sorry but I can’t tell you much about it right now because I’m in the midst of all the legal stuff.”

“That’s O.K. The title says it all. You know G, I haven’t talked to you in ages but four years ago I read for Robert De Niro and ever since I’ve got all these dead celebrities like Lenny Bruce and John Belushi guiding people to me and channeling information to help them with their projects. What they're supporting the most are comedies and musicals so if I can be of any assistance to you, please let me know." We talked for a while and he promised to see me next time he was in town.

In February of 2000, I moved to Pacific Palisades with my boyfriend Carl and one day I said to him,“You know what Carl; I’ve been feeling the presence of John Lennon around me lately.”


“Yes, I can’t stop thinking about him and I keep hearing his songs in my head.”

A week passed by and I still had John Lennon on my mind constantly, then one day I received a call from a man named Richard who had heard me on an internet radio show called “The David Allen Show.” Richard said, “I was really blown away by the things you were saying especially when you were talking about speaking to dead celebrities because in 1982 I feel I had a four hour conversation with John Lennon.”

“Oh really, well maybe you’re the reason that John Lennon’s been around me for the last week.”

“He has?”

“Yes he has. At least, I think so. I feel his presence. So, what did you guys talk about?”

“Well, the gist of what John Lennon told me was that the final battle on Earth would be between the clones and the clowns.” I laughed and said,” You know what, I believe you because I’m always telling people that I come from the part of heaven where all the clowns go.”

Richard said,” Well, John suggested that I start a band and dress up like clowns and call it “The Clown Rock and Roll Revue” so I did. I started a band of clowns and played at different clubs over the years and now I’ve turned it into a puppet show. Anyways I think I would like a reading from you because I need a little direction on where to take this.”

One day, I heard John Lennon say, “Beatrice, call Gardner and ask him if he’s been thinking about me for the last two weeks.” I picked up the phone and left Gardner a message, “Hey Gardner, It's Bea. I know this sounds crazy, but have you been thinking about John Lennon for the last two weeks and if the answer to that question is yes, then please call me and I’ll let you know why I’m asking it.”

Gardner called within the hour and said, “Bea, I almost fell off my chair when I got your message because yea, I have been thinking about John Lennon a lot for the last two weeks. Beatrice, I never told you this but the movie I’m writing “Heaven Rocks” is based on a dream I had in which John Lennon appeared to me in my dream and channeled this whole movie through me.”

“You’re kidding?”

“No man, I’m not.”

“Well, this guy Richard I just read for feels that John Lennon wrote a song through him called “Rock and Roll Heaven,” and right after I hung up with him I heard John Lennon ask me to call you with that question.”

“Really? That’s a trip.”

“Wow, this is so cool. I wonder if John Lennon was friends with Robert De Niro.”

“I don’t know.”

“I remember I met Julian Lennon at your house years ago so there is a connection to you right there.”

“Yea, that’s right.”

“Well, let me know if I can help you in any way alright.”

“Thanks Bea.”

“And let’s get together when you’re in town O.K.”

I got off the phone and I was thinking what a wonderful confirmation that was that John Lennon is around me when my angel Carl came bouncing into the house, so excited he could barely contain himself. "Beatrice, you’re not going to believe what happened.”

“What is it babe?”

“Remember you said you felt that John Lennon hangs out with John Belushi, Lenny Bruce and Jesus.”


“Well, I was listening to Johnny B. this morning on the radio and he was interviewing this woman who claims that Chris Farley came to her three days after he died and he channeled a book through her. Then the woman tells Johnny B that Chris Farley told her he hangs out with John Belushi, Lenny Bruce and Jesus. I think she said John Lennon too.”

“You’re kidding?”

“No, I couldn’t believe it either. I was like, O.K. my baby is not completely crazy.”

“Well, thank-you for that my love, because sometimes I wonder myself.”

A few weeks passed and I called Richard with another hit from John Lennon. “Hey Richard, do you have a website?”


“What’s it called?”

“Clown Rock.”

“Well, John asked me to tell you to register the name “Cosmic Circus.” Check and see if it’s available.” Richard called back the following day and said, “So yea, I checked and Cosmic Circus was available so I registered the name. Do you want any money for it?”

“No Richie, I’m a spiritualist not a capitalist. That was a gift to you from John Lennon. I’m just the messenger but if I ever want to put something on it I hope you’ll let me.”

The following morning I awoke and I felt slightly annoyed at all these beings on the other side. In my heart I said to John Lennon, “John, when are you guys going to help me? I mean I’m constantly relaying messages for you and the rest of you clowns up there. When are you guys going to do something to help me?”

Three hours later I received a call from an English woman named Patty. She said, “I’m producing a story for an English magazine called “Empire” and I was given your name. We’re doing a story on how celebrities spend their money and we need a psychic that reads for Hollywood celebrities.”

“Well, thank-you for calling me. How did you get my name?”

“A friend of mine Louise recommended you.”

“That was sweet of her. I’d be honored. Thank-you”

I immediately called Louise to thank her. In her lovely English accent she said “Oh don’t be silly.”

“How’s everything going with your book?” I asked her. Louise was writing a book about a near fatal car accident in which she seriously damged her beautiful face and had to go through numerous reconstuctive surgeries. The book was published. It’s called “The Magic of The Mask”

“It’s really good.”

”Well thanks for thinking of me and there is one more thing I wanted to tell you. John Lennon has been hanging around me for the last few months and he wanted me to tell you that he watches over you. He wants to help you with your book and for you to talk to him directly and ask for his assistance.”

“Oh my God, I can’t believe you said that.”

“Why not?”

“Because I saw another psychic about six months ago and she said that my mother hangs out with John Lennon.”

I was taking a walk one night and I went into a bar by myself. This was a working class place where the men have the I.Q. of a shot of vodka. A few guys were flirting with me until I said I was a psychic. Then they all started making comments like “I don’t believe in all that and blah, blah blah.” So, I decided to spook them a little and I said, “Well, more than that I have dead celebrities that hang around me all the time.”

“Yea, right.” They all said with eyes rolling in the air.

“No really it’s true.”

“Like who?”

“Well like John Belushi and Lenny Bruce and lately John Lennon.”

As soon as I said John Lennon, the jukebox started playing the following Beatles tune,

Life is very short and there’s no time
For all the fussing and fighting my friend
I have always thought that it’s a crime
So I will ask you once again
Why don’t you see it my way?
Only time will tell if I am right
Or I am wrong.

Good timing mate. Cheers!

Billy Zane has been a very good friend to me for many years. He enjoys sharing my gifts and is always very open to my insights. One day I heard John say “Call Billy and ask him if he has any scripts having to do with me.” So I left Billy a message on his voicemail.

Billy called me back a few days later and said, “Beatrice, it’s Billy, I listened to your message and strangely enough I recently pulled out of the archives an old script that a guy had given to me a long time ago that he claims was channeled by John Lennon. It’s called “Peace At Last.”

Imagine that.


Ginger and Beatrice.

My friend Ginger is a celebration of womanhood. Ginger and I always created wonderful, fun situations wherever we went. No matter how the encounter began, it ended with our three favorite things, Love, Light and Laughter.

One of our adventures began in late February of 2001.

I was lounging around my house one Sunday morning when the telephone rang. It was Ginger. She said, "Hey Bea. It's Ginger. What's up?"

"Not a whole lot. What's up with you?"

"Well, I've got two tickets for a screening of the new Chris Rock movie "Down To Earth" and I was wondering if you'd like to go?"

"Yea sure. I'd love to. I love Chris Rock."

"OK then, I'll come by and pick you up."

Ginger and I went to see "Down to Earth" which was a very funny movie and considering what happened next, the title of this movie is very significant. This is how it went "down."

Following the movie, Ginger and I were cruising down Hollywood Blvd. when she asked me, "Bea, have you ever had the mulled wine at "The Cat and The Fiddle?"

"No, I haven't been very big on mulled wine in this life."

"Oh my God, it's soooo amazing. I have to take you there."

We went to this great pub but were dismayed to find out that mulled wine is only available for the holidays, so I settled for a Corona. We found a table in the patio and I pulled out my Tarot deck and asked Ginger if she'd like a reading. She said "Sure."

As I'm giving her my insights, this black guy walks in, points at Ginger and yells out, "YOU!"

Startled and slightly annoyed by the intrusion into our space, I became more open when he introduced himself as Demetrius which in Greek means, "Belonging to the Mother Goddess." For me, that was a sign. A sign of what I did not know. He was quite taken by Ginger and there was some lighthearted flirting going on between them and then he asked us, "Hey, do you like George Clinton and Parliament?"

I said, "Hell yea, I love George Clinton."

"Do you want to see them play at "The House of Blues" on Thursday night?"

Ginger was trying to place who George Clinton was and I said, "Come on girl, you know, "The Mothership Connection."

I started singing, "One nation under a groove, getting down just for the funk of it."

Demetrius said, "Yea, you know it."

"That's right baby, George Clinton . . . he's my Daddy."

We accepted his invitation and Demetrius and Ginger exchanged numbers.

Four days later we went to see Clinton, The President of the United States of Funk and as I was grooving to the beat, I turned around and there's Chris Rock standing right behind me.

Then I was invited to come on stage and dance to my favorite Parliament song "Atomic Dog." George Clinton even did the booty dance with me. Bow Wow Wow, Yippee Yo Yippee Yay!

Clinton's manager Archie walked up to me later and said, "When I saw you dancing, I could tell you've been funky for a loooooong time."

"That's right, Archie! I've been funky for a very long time! I'm the Hight Priestess of Funk."

On the way home from the concert, I was talking to Ginger about my ex-boyfriend Carl and I said, "Carl is going to freak when I tell him that I was dancing on stage with George Clinton. He loves him more than I do."

"Oh really."

"Yea," I said, "That's one of the reasons we bonded so well in spite of our age difference. He loves the music of the seventies and listens to PFunk all the time."

A couple of weeks passed since the concert and one night I was taken over by an overwhelming sense of hate towards my ex-boyfriend Carl and also my friend, Bonnie who had moved in with him. Even though they said it was platonic I was still very resentful. I wanted them dead. It's amazing how hatred can just burn a hole right into your heart. I burst into tears and prayed from the bottom of my heart to Jesus. I said, "Jesus, I know I'm here to bring love and light into the world, so I can't possibly have these feelings of such intense hatred but I do. I really need your help."

I was crying so hard that I finally fell into a deep sleep. Suddenly, I was dreaming. In my dream Bonnie's doberman appeared to me and said "Beatrice, I'm really really sick and I need to go to the vet."

I awoke and I immediately called Carl and asked him, "Carl, what is wrong with Bonnie's dog?"

"We don't know. We're trying to figure it out. She's really sick."

"Well, you need to take her to the vet. She came to me in a dream last night and said she was really sick and needs to go to the vet." Carl was a little taken aback then he said, "Bea, what an amazing gift you have."

Despondently I said, "Yea, whatever."

That next night, I had another dream where I saw myself in the vet's office with the doberman. She was lying on a steel table and I was petting her stomach when all of a sudden I look up and I see the rapper Tupac Shakur coming through the ceiling. Two other rappers were behind him in the shadows. One was really fat and the other really small but I could not make out their faces. Tupac was as clear as could be.

Tupac started rapping to me one verse after another after another. He rapped about me, about my life, my mission. It's like he knew everything about me. He rapped to me all night. Normally, I would have written down the rhymes but he was rapping too fast. The only part I could remember was Tupac singing with the two other rappers in the backgound saying "period" and it went like this,

"L" period, "O" period, "V" period, "E" period. Let's Overcome Violence Everywhere. That's the name of the movie. IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO STOP THE HATE."

The following morning I called Ginger and told her what happened. Demetrius was there and she said to him, "Beatrice had a dream that Tupac Shakur rapped to her all night."

Demetrius took the phone and said, "I''ve met Tupac Shakur's mother."

"Oh really."

"Yea and Tupac and George Clinton wrote songs together when Tupac was alive."

"Really, I didn't know that. I really don't know much about Tupac. Hold on a second. My other phone is ringing."


"Hey Bea. It's Michelle. How are you feeling?"

"A little Bow Wow Wow without the Yippee Yo Yippee Yay. Michelle, you won't believe what happened to me last night. I had a dream and Tupac Shakur came and rapped to me all night."

"Bea, I'm listening to Tupac Shakur right now on the radio singing a song about his mother."

"You're kidding?"

"No, it's on the radio right now."

"Let me call you right back."

"I want to come over. I'm just down the street"

"Sure. Come on over." I said and clicked back over to Ginger.

"Hey Ginger, I told my friend Michelle what happened and as I'm telling her she says, "Tupac's on the radio right now singing about his mama."

Demetrius said, "Yea, Tupac wrote a song about his mother called "Dear Mama" about her struggles and how she inspired him to be who he was."

"Wow, that's beautiful. Listen my girlfriend is here so let's talk later."

I opened the door and there's Michelle with a big smile on her face hiding something behind her back. She says, "Bea, I had to give this to you. I was doing a photo shoot for Sony for a fourteen-year-old rapper named Lil Bow Wow and look."

She hands me the album. It's called BEWARE OF DOG.

A couple of hours later I received a call from a guy named Fidel. Demetrius had told him all about me. Fidel hosts a socially conscious, politically aware, spiritually motivated hiphop radio show called "Seditious Beats." And guess whom he had just interviewed? Yep. Tupac Shakur's mother.

I offered Fidel to come and see me for a session as a gift. When I met with him, he informed me that he had also produced a documentary about Tupac Shakur. At one point during our reading I asked him, "Are you working on a movie that is like a modern day hiphop version of "West Side Story?"

"Yes, I am."

"Maybe the L.O.V.E. thing could be your title. I mean it's a great slogan and it would make great posters, T-shirts, bumper stickers and all that."

After the reading I said, "Now Fidel, I'd like to guide you on a meditation where I take you into a higher realm of consciousness within yourself. You just describe to me what you are seeing, then when you are done, I'll read it back to you and interpret the symbols. It takes an hour or so, but it's really fun and very healing."

The following is part of Fidel's journey. This is what he described.

I go up the path of clouds. I see my great grandfather. His name is Librado. He says to me, "Build your garden and I will help you always. All you have to do is ask and I will be there for you."

I ask my Grandfather to take me to a place of healing. I take him by the hand and he takes me to see my Grandmother Lena. She looks how she did when I used to play with her as a child. She gives me a big hug and says, "I'm so proud of you."

I give her my rosary and she transforms it into a necklace of all white beads. It signifies wisdom. The coolness to soothe the fire, to keep my head cool. I ask her, "Is there anything else I need to know before I go back?" She says, "Show your children how to love in this world."

At this point I said, "Fidel, I hear Tupac saying he would like to come into your vision but he needs your permission. Is it O.K.?"

"Yea, I see him. He's wearing black overalls and a bandana tied over his head. He says, "Thank you so much for doing that stuff for my mom. You know, I'm just planting seeds to change the world."

I said, "Fidel, can you please thank Tupac on my behalf."

Tupac says, "Don't trip. I know what you're all about. You're a good woman and that comes straight from G.O.D. - "Gangsta of Destiny."

Tupac is telling me, "You need to talk to Papa G and my mama and you need to get off your ass and write this movie or someone else will do it and you'll miss the opportunity. You can do it. Hey man, my mom needs to be in the light. There are too many sharks around her. Everyone wants a piece of my pie and I left that pie for my mama."

"Fidel, ask Tupac, "What about L.O.V.E?." Is that the name of the movie?"

Tupac says, "Hell yea, I wouldn't have said that shit if I didn't mean it. It's already set in stone up here and I'm gonna put my flava in it."

Two weeks later, Tupac's new album "Till the End of Time" was released.

Shortly after that I met a man named Rebellum.  He just walked up to me in a bar and started rapping. I listened to him and when he finished I asked him, "Did you know Tupac Shakur by any chance?"

"No, but that's funny you said that because earlier today I got a video about Tupac."

I recounted the whole Tupac story to Rebellum and when I finished I said, "Look Rebellum, I know it sounds crazy but when I heard you rapping I immediately thought of Tupac. I really feel that Tupac wants to help you from the other side."

Rebellum surprised me when he said, "Well, I want to tell you something. My mother is like you. She is a renowned Spiritual healer and advisor and the night Tupac was shot, my mother was called to be with Tupac when he died."

"You're kidding me?"

"No man , I'm not."

"Wow, Tupac is on top of it. I wasn't even going to come tonight but I changed my mind at the last minute. Rebellum, Tupac guided me to you and there's no doubt in my mind he wants to help you."

The following evening he came over to my home and we watched the Tupac Shakur documentary. The video gave me another confirmation I had been looking for. I had asked Tupac if he made phrases out of words like he did with L.O.V.E. and G.O.D. while he was alive. On the video, one of Tupac's friends said Tupac was always making phrases out of words like for example,

NIGGA.-Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished.

Everything came full circle in March of 2003, I read for a beautiful girl named Naja Hill who I believe is going to make it as an actress and I said to her, "Naja, I see you doing a movie with Chris Rock."

That night she invited me to a dinner party at the The Ivy. On one side of me was the Producer of the movie "8 Mile" with Eminem and on the other side of me was Peggy Lipton, the mother of Tupac's girlfriend before he died and behind me sitting at another table was Chris Rock!




I have a friend who is the premiere event planner in Los Angeles. His Malibu based company caters all the biggest parties in town and he would occasionally hire me to do readings at his events.

One such event was former Mayor Riordan’s birthday party. It was amusing how the politicos at the party would sit down for a reading and not want to divulge their names as though they all had something to hide. One man in particular sat down with his wife and he refused to give even his first name but he did give me his birth information and I took one look at his chart and said, “Well, I’m getting that you go into major corporations and military facilities and completely restructure them from the ground up.” He and his wife looked at each other with their mouths hanging open and they looked a little scared. After they left my table, another man sat down and asked me, “Do you know who that man is that you were just reading for?”

“No, I don’t.” I answered.

“He is one of George Bush’s top advisors.” He said.

“Oh really?” I said. “No wonder he looked scared when I pegged his corporate raider ass.”

On June 16th 2000, Carl hired me to read for a small dinner party of about fifteen people at the restaurant, “Chez Mimi” in Santa Monica. The guests included Albert Ruddy, the producer of “The Godfather,” Shirley Ritts, the mother of famed photographer Herb Ritts, Arnold Schwarzeneggar and his friend Governor Jessie Ventura. The first woman I read for was a Western Astrologer and she was very impressed with my Vedic reading and must have given me good reviews because one by one every guest sat down for a reading. I had one woman in tears when I said, “I’m getting you have been singing some songs by the Beatles lately.” She looked at me and said, “That’s weird, yes I have been singing “Yesterday” and “The Long and Winding Road.” How can you tell that from my chart?” she asked.

“I can’t. John Lennon channels through me sometimes and I just heard him say that you were singing Beatles songs.” This touched her very much. She had tears in her eyes.

I could not believe it when Arnold Schwarzeneggar sat down in front of me. He gave me his birth information and the first thing I asked him was, “Are you thinking of changing careers and going into politics?”

“Ya, I am.” He said.

“Are you thinking of running for Governor?” I love what he did next. With a sweeping wave of his arm across the table he said, “Ya . . . ruler of the land.”

“Well, you couldn’t have picked a better time to start campaigning because you are in what is called a major Mercury period in the first house. The first house represents you and the planet Mercury is in its own sign of Gemini, making this a very favorable time to get your personal views and messages for a better world or at least a better California out there. I am also getting that your platform should be children and the protection of the future generations of our children. You know, Mr. Schwarzennegar, one of the reasons that I love reading for people is that it allows me to look deep into their hearts and you have a really great heart. You want to make a difference and I really feel that you would do so much good for California and particularly for the children. You’ve got a lot of great ideas to educate and inspire young people. I would vote for you and I don’t vote for anyone.”

After we finished he said, “Thank-you” and got up to leave. Then, he looked at me and said. “How can I get a hold of you?”

I said, “Carl has my number if you need it.” I wanted to say, “Just put your arms around me big boy.” But I didn’t.

A month later Mr. Schwarzeneggar announced his intention to run for Governor and then a few months after that he rescinded.

I did not hear from him again but I was hired to read for his daughter’s birthday party a few months later where I read for his wife Maria Shriver. Total Goddess!

I hope you run again in the future Arnold.

After Mr. Schwarzeneggar got up, I started to put my computer and my cards away when two secret service guys came up to me and one of them whispered in my ear, “Excuse me, but Governor Ventura would like a reading from you.”

Governor Jesse Ventura is a man I admire very much for his humor, intelligence and accomplishments. I truly enjoy reading for someone I admire and I definitely hold Governor Ventura in high esteem. The first thing I said to him was, “Well, first of all I’m getting that you do not want to run for a second term. I’m seeing you making a lot of money with public speaking, writing a book and I don’t know if you are an actor but is that an avenue you would like to get into? I’m seeing you on Television.”

“Well yea, I’ve done some acting before with Arnold in the Conan movies.”

“Oh really. Well, I think it’s a good time to make this change. My guides are telling me that you just wanted to show the average man what the average man could do and you did a great job because in a way you are the average man. I mean going from World Wrestling Champion to Governor of Minnesota. That is quite a feat and now I’m getting that you just want to have fun. You just want to have fun.”

Governor Ventura said aloud to the secret service guys, “Hey, somebody get my wife.” His wife showed up and Governor Ventura said, “Tell her what you just said to me.” So I told her and she said, “That’s funny because in the limo all the way over here, Jesse was saying over and over, “I just want to have fun. I just want to have fun.”

I laughed and said, “Well, he deserves it.”

Governor Ventura leaned over and said to me in a quiet voice, “But you know . . . they want me to run for President.” I looked at him calmly and said, “Well, excuse my language Governor Ventura but if you were sitting in the Oval office right now you’d be like, “What the fuck am I doing here?” He started to laugh out loud and he said, “You know, I was actually in the Oval office about a month ago and that is exactly what I was thinking, “What the fuck am I doing here?” We both started laughing and then he looked at me very sincerely and asked, “How do you do this?”

I looked at him just as sincerely and said, “I don’t know.”

Copyright 1999, 2000 by Beatrice Marot. All rights reserved. Last modified August 15, 2003.