A Mother and Child Reunion...

It's only a motion picture away.

The stage is being set in Hollywood for "The Age of Enchantment." The Mother Goddess is the ultimate Enchantress. "Media" literally means Mother Goddess!

Now, what does the Mother Goddess want Hollywood to do for her? She wants to give you visions and images to create for the big screen that will bring healing and light to the world. It's time to heal, evolve and raise the consciousness on earth and the only way this can be achieved on a quantum level is through the film industry.

Merlin is the right hand man of the Goddess and the ultimate protector of Mother Earth. Merlin told one clairvoyant friend of mine that I was his voice, his truth and his light. He told another intuitive that I've been channeling him for lifetimes and that he has been following me around for centuries like a dog. Merlin does have a thing for me but I am not the only one. Merlin will assist anyone who want to have a laugh in life.

The veil between the spiritual world and the material world is lifting. My service is to assist people in Hollywood to accurately depict higher realms and universal wisdom with humor and levity.

The above article appeared in an English magazine called EMPIRE. The journalist who wrote it, a lovely chap named Tony, insisted that I was mistaken with my vision of him becoming a screenwriter. He declared emphatically that he had no such ambition whatsoever. Within six months of my reading he was developing two screenplays. You can breath Tony and maybe next time you can also spell my name right.

My friend Ruta asked me to read at a bridal shower she was throwing. A young man named Ryan was there and someone asked him, "What sign are you?"

"Scorpio." He replied.

So, I asked him, "When is your birthday?"

"November 8th."

"Well," I said, "I'm a Vedic Astrologer and in that system you would be a Libra. In fact, you look like a Libra to me. Your features are very symmetrical, you know, just like Audrey Hepburn."

His mouth dropped and he looked at my friend Ruta, a bit incredulous and asked her, "Ruta, did you tell her?"

Ruta said, "No, I didn't tell her anything."

"Tell me what?" I asked.

Ruta is beside herself at this point and she laughingly says. "Bea, Ryan just sold his first screenplay to Dreamworks and it's called "Why Can't I be Audrey Hepburn?"


My guidance is so clear that sometimes, even though it seems like I'm wrong I end up being right. Billy Zane asked me about a script called "Taxman."

"Is this a love story?" I asked him.

He said, "No, it's a cop thriller action movie."

"Is there a love story within the plot line?"

Billy said "No."

"I'm sorry Billy, but I keep getting a love story here."

The next day he called me and said, "Bea, you're so funny. My agent had two scripts with the same name and he sent me the wrong one. The right one is a love story."

James Cameron was at a party that Billy Zane threw one week PRIOR to the theatrical release of Titanic and at one point I was speaking to his wife Linda Hamilton and Mr. Cameron walked up and started massaging his wife's shoulders. I looked at him and said, "Mr. Cameron, your movie Titanic is not just a movie, it's an event."

He replied, "I hope so."

And I said with total confidence, "Well, I know so."

After the mindboggling box office that Titantic managed to rake in, the press had blazing headlines in all the papers and my favorite of course was, "THIS ISN'T A MOVIE. IT'S AN EVENT."

I was reading at a charitable event at "The Conga Room" in Los Angeles. A black kid in his early twenties sits down, crosses his arms over his heart and starts giving me attitude. So, I said to him. "Well, Merlin is telling me that you have been in trouble with the law quite a bit, but that you've decided to go legit and walk an honest path, but Merlin says it is going to take you TWO years before you start making any money so don't give up and don't do anything stupid. My guides are telling me that, you're fully legitamate now and they are very happy about it."

In an instant, his whole demeanor changed and he smiled so huge and pulled out his business card and underneath his name was written 'FULLY LEGITAMATE NOW!"

I met a guy named "Bobby The Body Man." who wanted to fix a dent on my car for 100 bucks. I thought it funny since it was July 17th, the one year anniversary of meeting "Bobby" De Niro.
I said jokingly, "I know another "Bobby The Body Man" only the bodies he works on aren't made of metal."

I told him and his thirteen year old son Tony that I would do it on the condition that he allow me to do his astrological birth chart as well as his son's. He agreed.

After he finished working on my car and actually made it look ten times worse than before he started, I just laughed and invited them into my home and read their charts.

The first thing I said to Bobby was, "Well, I'm getting that basically you've lied, cheated, stolen and scammed your way through life."

And he said without hesitation, "Yea, dat's right." with his heavy Brooklyn accent.

"Well, I'm also getting that you should be an actor." He was very excited and said, "Hey, anoddah woman like you told me da same ting like four months ago." He paused and then he asked, "But don't you have to know how to read to be an acta?"

I wasn't expecting that. "YOU don't know how to read?"

He said, "Nah, I've been stealing cars for Sammy ":The Bull" Gravano since I was twelve years old."

"Well, I'll teach you how to read if you want." He said, "Tanks, I'll tink aboud id."

Then I looked at his son and said, "I'm getting that you are not like your Father at all. I'm getting that you are extremely intelligent and one day you're going to invent something."

The kid looked at his Father and they both looked completely stunned. Then, Bobby looked at me and said, "My kid is always telling me, "Dad, one day I'm gonna fuckin' invent sumptin!"

I looked at Tony and said, "Tony, don't you ever forget that. You are going to invent something. I don't know what it is, but it's something so don't you be like your Father!"

Then I turned on Bobby and basically scolded him and said, "So don't you teach him to be like YOU because he's not. He's here to change the future generations of your degenerate family. Now, do you want me to teach you how to read?"

"Nah, I'd be too dangerous wid a pencil!"

Hey Spike, how about a movie called "Do the Light Thing." Yo, Martin Scorsese, how aboud, "WiseGuides and Psychic To The Mob." And Oliver Stone, you need to be doing a movie called, "Natural Born Healers" starring me and my girlfriends!

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