Ancient Goddess
Modern Priestess

This is a special mission statement for the goals I am here to achieve with my Spirit Guide Merlin to make this world a better place through the Media.

Media literally means "Mother Goddess." I have an interesting theory since I teach about the Mother Goddess energy or the feminine divine CREATIVE POWER of every being that strives for greatness. Her method of communication with your soul is through the movie projector in your mind and it's ability to absorb knowledge through imagery, symbolism, visions and dreams. All the mind's a stage and the world is it's reflection. It's all in your imagination. That's where reality begins . . .the dreamstate. The reflective pool in which we can see a vision unfold like a movie within the mind's eye.

To make your dreams come true the Goddess within you needs one thing to spring into action. She needs the Love of God. . . your heart. Then watch the grace of God/Goddess create magic in your life! Whatever your circumstances are, this is the real game of life. The Divine "Lila" or "Play," healing what has been lost . . . the balance between male and female.

I was twenty nine years old when "Merlin" introduced himself in a vision. This incredibly funny, charming, magical being is bringing greater humor, spiritual inspiration and the Goddess to the film industry.

The name Hollywood can be traced back to the Goddess Holle, an ancient Goddess of renewal and transformation who wore boughs of Holly around her waist symbolizing the life giving blood of the Goddess. Holle ruled the world of souls who have passed. . . this was a place of peace and renewal.

Holle eventually became known as Hell, a place of eternal damnation. Just as Eve "life giving" became "Evil" and Hera became Heretic, Luna became Lunatic, Devi became Devil, Wicca became wicked and so on. Original Sin sounds like the Original Conspiracy Theory to me. We have a very distorted view of the feminine divine and it's time for this to change.

Hollywood can do this and Merlin's favorite vehicle for this type of enlightening entertainment are musicals and comedies. In India, there is a saying, "In heaven all walking is dancing and all speaking is singing."

Merlin is also a big fan of butt kicking warrior women and we have seen a proliferation of those powerful females in film in the last fourteen years that I have been channeling Merlin.

Now, Merlin is looking to influence the creation of films which depict the power of Mother and Child in overcoming adversity! Oh yea Mama, it's your time to shine. We know what you've been through and we know where you're going.

THREE DAYS AFTER PUTTING OUT THIS MISSION STATEMENT, I received a call from Bluebook Films based out of "England" with offices in Los Angeles. They are an award winning documentary and reality TV production company.

The Blue Book is not the Kelly Blue Book that gives the value of cars as several of my friends thought. No, it is in fact a US Government declassified book with all the evidence of Aliens and UFO's that our US government suppresses by telling us, "Nope, there's nobody out there but us chickens!"

The latest project completed by Bluebook Films was aired on Discovery Channel. It was called "In Search of the Holy Grail" which is of course, the story of Camelot and MERLIN!

Now, they are looking for people like me for a reality TV show.

For those of you who may sometimes doubt the presence of guides and their ability to influence and GUIDE YOUR LIFE, I wanted to share this story with you to increase your faith and trust in the world of SPIRIT!

And remember, even if nothing comes of it, it's still Merlin's way of saying "Thank you for doing everything I ask you to do with utter blind faith!"

You're welcome Merlin.

By the way, the only reason Merlin himself isn't down here is because I lost the coin toss!

Moral of the story - NEVER play games with Master Magicians!!!!


Raise up the dragon
Raise it up high
Into the heavens
Within the third eye
You can no longer
Slay me so
hy even try
If you continue
It is you who will die


The Goddess gave to me
The gift of poetry to uplift and
To inspire those who conspire
To remain in the illusion
Of fear and confusion

The Goddess gave to me
The ability to see
Past, present and future
Becoming one in me
To assist and to inspire
Those who desire to reach
A little higher

The Goddess gave to me
The ability to journey
From the darkness
Into the light
To guide and to inspire
Those who desire
To take their soul to flight.

I saw in a dream
When love reigned supreme
The Mother was honored
The Father esteemed
And truth was the
aw of the land

For thousands of years
The Goddess did reign
Where is she now
Where has she been
The story I tell you
Is one I was shown
In the depths of my mind
Where knowledge is known

Her temples were burned
Her priestesses spurned
So ended the reign of
Knowledge and grace
Anger and fear reigned
n her place

The Goddess has come
The Goddess is here
To dismantle anger
And w
ipe away fear
Open your mind to inner sight
And transform your darkness
Into the light

Please open your heart
Use your divine right
To the Mother's insight
She has come to transform
Your pain and your fright
By bringing you back
To your body of light

She will charm you
And disarm you
But also alarm you
The time has come
The journey of Angels
To Earth has begun

So raise up the dragon
Raise it up high
Into the heavens
Within the third eye
You can no longer slay me
So why even try
If you continue
It is you who will die

This world of dulaity
Is but one reality
There is darkness
There is light
Which will you choose
Which will you use

There once was a time
When light ruled the mind
And all of God's children
Were gentle and kind
Exchanging their gifts
And their wares
Living in joy
Without any cares

It is sad to say
The darkness held sway
And thus it began
What is known today
As the Fall of Man

These lost souls
Of dark minds
And fierce deeds
Only concerned
With their person needs
Inflicting pain for
Profit and gain

They laugh when you cry
They laugh when you die
What will they say when
God asks them why

They did stop the flow
Of love to the mind
By breaking the will
Of the child divine
Through terror and fear
Abuse has reigned here
And control has been theirs
For a time

So their terror began
Laying waste to the land
Without mercy destroying
Every child, woman and man
There is no one to blame
Everywhere it's the same
It's simply time to
Heal the shame

Fear has held you in it's grip.
It's been a very long trip
But salvation has come
For the human race
Women as the healers
Men in their true place
Protecting the Earth
With honor and grace

You are here on Earth
To realize your true worth
To see all that you are
Fear of the Father
The Mother neglected
Is it a wonder
You feel lost and rejected

Life is a gift that
Keeps on giving
How much are you willing
To keep filling and filling
Open up and receive
God is not one to deceive

What is there to gain
By holding onto pain
Do you see what's there
Hiding behind your fear
Have you ever been
Into your heart deep within
Then it would be clear
Love is there, love is there

I have come through the ages
I have lived with the sages
I have traveled through
Corridors of time
To teach you
The Knowledge Divine

Come here, come closer
I have a confession

Your life is a movie

Do you prefer Drama or Comedy?

If your script needs a rewrite

I can help you see the light

See who you really are

So you can shine, be a star

Then play your divine role

To help make this planet whole.

So we can be one nation under a groove

gettin down just for the funk of it





Copyright 1999, 2000 by Beatrice Marot. All rights reserved. Last modified June 21, 2003.