The Universal Goddess is reawakening within the hearts of all mankind. All over the world, she has chosen people to write, sing and dance her story back to life in order to empower the feminine divine principal within all of us. She is literally marketing herself for the express purpose of healing her children. As a Prophetess, I have been given a fascinating insight into a universal plan to shift the consciousness on Earth through the creative visual arts, film and music. Imagine movies that literally trigger miraculous healings. This, I know in my heart will happen in the future.

Allow me to be your guide and let us venture into ancient Goddess temples and experience the wisdom of Priestesses and the magic of the Goddess. I am a Priestess of Laksmi who appeared to me in a vision in 1990 as a beautiful golden lady of light.

Priestesses had many names throughout the world. The Deva Dasi and Dakinis of India. The Delphines and Pythonesses of Greece. The Sybils of Rome. The Amazons of North Africa. The Dryads and Gertrudes of Northern Europe. We were called Doves in Greece and Bees in Egypt, Birds in England and Horaes and Melissas in the Middle East. These beautiful, powerful women, the Mothers to all, the healers of hearts, the revealers of the mysteries of life and death, the teachers of sacred love walked this earth for many thousands of years. In the most advanced civilizations on this earth we were honored and revered as Queens, Healers, Warriors and Oracles. What happened to us? What was the world like when spirituality and education was in the hands of women within matriarchal societies dedicated to peace and creativity.

The Power of the Universe is feminine and the Love of the Universe is masculine. The Power of Love will magnetize to you everything you could ever desire. Your imagination, the reflective pool within you, is the gateway to your heart wherein lies the Kingdom of Heaven and the abode of divine guides, our Angels. The ability to take others into these inner realms of light was one of the many services Priestesses provided. The arts of divination, necromancy, astrology, healing with light, herbs, sacred sexuality, alchemy and telepathy were also practiced and taught by these women. True magic is the ability to change your consciousness at will and to enter the inner worlds for guidance and counsel regarding any personal matter.

Priestesses taught people through dance, song and storytelling. Nothing was ever written down and for very good reason. The path to enlightenment is different for each individual. Writing a scripture takes the infinite and attempts to make it finite. A scripture should be seen as the experience of the one who wrote it. The infinite nature of God/Goddess is completely unfathomable to the human intellect. The union of God/Goddess must be experienced, not just explained. Scripture serves to inspire the aspirant to seek the knowledge within through meditation.

In India, the Goddess is known as Shakti or Maya. Both of these names mean "God's Creative Power." Maya also means "Illusion." Only Maya the Mother can lift the veil of illusion to reveal the light of the Father. There is a saying in India that "The Mother cannot exist without the Father, but the Father cannot be revealed without her." And also, "God resides in the heart of all beings, and by his Maya moves them from within as if they were turned by a machine." The Jewish Kabalistic version of Shakti is called the "Shekineh," the female soul of God, who "couldn't be perfect until he could be reunited with her." Gnostic Christians of the 4th century spoke of the Shekineh as a "Spirit of Glory" in whom beings of light lived, as children in their mother's body."

Let me teach you how to tap into the inner sanctuary of your soul and receive the wisdom that lies therein. This is the Gift of The Goddess Within!

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